Drunken Sailor was started for one reason: so the original owners wouldn't have to fly back home to Halifax every time they got an urge to have a donair. That urge came twice a week, so the flights were getting expensive. Their family had been making donair meat in Nova Scotia for over 20 years and after some coaxing from their friends, they decided that they should share the flavour with everyone else and give people all over the world a taste of this deliciousness. 

Why Drunken Sailor? Well, sailors are savvy, they know a good meal, a good sea shanty and if they're from Nova Scotia, they know a good donair.

This recipe is the real deal, nothing fancy, just that incredible flavour so many have come to love, and many more must experience soon.

And the best part? You can have our delicious donair flavour in so many delectable ways! Check out our easy peasy mouthwatering recipes when you stock up on your Drunken Sailor Donair Spice at our online Store – OR create your own and share your concoctions with us on social!

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Peace, love & donairs!

Matt & Brittany Graham
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia